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Help Save Libra Swimming Academy

by Taneal A Baptiste
Created Nov 13, 2020 | Centurion, Pretoria, South Africa
R5,000 raised of R10,000 goal 50.00%
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Libra Swimming Academy is home to best learn-to-swim and stroke correction instructors in SA. Libra Swimming Academy is owned by Pam Reynecke who has been teaching swimming for more than 30 years. Pam has received Swimming South Africa’s Gold Award for her service to swimming and in 2007 was one of 3 recipients of their Instructor of the Year award. Their stroke technique and corrections are the best in SA and they assist people of any ages. Pam has been operating this swim school centre from Virgin Active, Centurion for more than 10 years.The swimming academy is a family run business and Pam works alongside her two incredible daughter Michelle and Janine. Libra swimming academy is home to many provincial, national and international swimmers that have broke multiple national and international records. The most notable of these is Cameron van der Burgh, FINA World Cup record holder , World record holder and Olympic champion.
However due to the Covid-19 pandemic the swim school was forced to close in early March until September, and is still not open at full capacity. As a result this has drastically impacted the swimming academy and the academy is now operating with limited amount of pupils and with one staff memeber (Pam). The pandemic has created immense stress and financial pressure on the academy.
I am an ex-pupil of Libra swimming academy and if it was not for Pam and her two daughters I would have never fell in love with swimming. The Reynecke family are honestly like family to me and have helped me throughout my swimming career (18 years). The Reynecke family always want what is best for their pupils and their hearts are in the right place. Libra swimming academy is very special to me and I will forever be grateful to them.
I have seen the drastic impact that the pandemic has had on the academy and I would like to help out in anyway that I can. I have created this campaign to help Libra swimming academy survive and have a slight relief on finacial pressure, as Pam's two duaghters are both single mothers without work at the moment.
I challenge all past and current Libra Academy pupils to swim a 100IM at a donation of R50.00 for the 100m as it all goes to a great cause. I know there are many swimmers out there that have gone through this academy and I would truly appricate any support I can get to help out Libra swimming academy!
  • Cameron van der burgh
    Cameron van der burgh donated R5,000

    Thank you to a special lady that started a special journey for me!

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